SmartBribe not working? Checking for JavaScript errors on the page

SmartBribes rely on running JavaScript code on a user's webpage to add the interactivity which makes the SmartBribe work. If a SmartBribe is not appearing or not working correctly, it could be caused by other parts of the page throwing JavaScript errors and preventing the SmartBribe code from running. These other parts of the page could be plugins or widgets on the page itself, or dynamic elements of the site's theme. Since SmartBribe will completely take over the page it is installed on, it's best practice to install SmartBribe on as blank of a page as possible without any other content, theme, footer, or header. If your bribe is not working correctly, follow the steps below to check for JavaScript errors on your page.

Checking for errors in the Developer Console

1. With the page loaded, right-click anywhere on the page and select "Inspect" to open the Developer Tools. Typically the tools will open in a pane below or to the side of the page. In some cases, a new browser window may open with the tools.

2. Select the Console tab from within the Developer Tools.

3. Refresh the page to ensure all of the activity during page load is captured in the console.

4. If you see any red text with a red background, you have JavaScript errors.

Resolving JavaScript errors

Sometimes the plugin name or error culprit can be discovered from within the Developer Tools. Read the error text looking for them names of your theme or any plugins you've installed. Further, tracking or analytics scripts can cause errors. Check for any analytics platforms you are using. For example, in the screenshot above, Google Syndication (as found in the URL) is causing an error when trying to manipulate content in another iframe. If you cannot determine the cause of the error, please contact and we can help you look into it.

If you can find the cause of the error, try uninstalling that theme or plugin and see if that will allow your SmartBribe to run correctly. Contact the author of the theme or plugin with the details of your error. oftentimes they can fix it for you and you do not need to permanently disable the theme or plugin. If the error was caused by an analytics platform, contact their support as they can also often resolve those issues.